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Dr. Harish Kummari


Department of Commerce:
D.Litt., Ph.D, M.Com, B.Ed, B.Com, UGC Net
Work Experience:
She has more than 25 years of teaching experience.
Research Interests:
Finance and E-commerce

Department of Commerce


Dr. Kulpreet Kaur

Assistant Professor (Regular)

Department of Commerce: Ph.D, UGC-NET(JRF), M.Com, B.Com(Hons)
Research Interests: Finance & Banking.
Teaching Interests: Finance, Marketing, Banking & Accounting.


Dr. Rajwant Kaur

Assistant Professor (Regular)

Department of Commerce: Ph.D, M.Com., UGC-Net(JRF)
Research Interests: International finance
Teaching Interests: Income tax, finance and management accounting


Ms. Lakhwinder Kaur

Assistant Professor (Regular)

Department of Commerce: Pursuing Ph.D, UGC Net, M.Com, B.Com(Hons), ICWAI (Inter)

Research Interests: Finance
Teaching Interest: Corporate Accounting, Tax, Management Accounting


Ms. Jyoti Gulati

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Commerce: UGC-NET, M.Com, B.Ed, B.Com
Research Interests: Finance & Banking
Teaching Interests: Cost Accounting, Research, HRM, Businss Law


Ms. Neetu

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Commerce: UGC-NET,, PG diploma in statistics,
Research Interests: Marketing
Teaching Interests: Research methodology, marketing management, banking and finance


Ms. Tanvi Garg

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Commerce: UGC-NET, M.Com, B.Com
Research Interests: Finance, Portfolio Management
Teaching Interests: Management Accounting, Marketing Management, Operation Research, Business Law

Department of Management


Ms. Ambika Shukla

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Management: M.B.A.(HR, Marketing), B.Tech(E.C.E.)
Research Interests: Human Resource
Teaching Interests: Operations Management, Marketing, Indirect Taxes, Human Resource Management.


Ms. Mukesh

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Management:M.B.A.(Finance, HR), M.A(Maths), B.A.(Maths)
Research Interests: Banking and Finance
Teaching Interests: Operation Research, Business Mathematics, Research Methodology

Department of Computer Science


Ms. Harpreet Bajwa

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Computer Science: M.C.A., B.C.A.
Research Interests: Data Structure and Software Engineering
Teaching Interests: C, C++ , Computer Fundmentals


S. Gurpreet Singh

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Computer Science: Pursuing Ph.D (PU, CHANDIGARH), UGC-NET , M.Tech (CSE), B.Tech (CSE).
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Deep learning, Medical Image Analysis.
Teaching Interests: C, C++, Python, Data Structure, DBMS, Operating system.


Ms. Simranjit Kaur

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Computer Science Studies: M.C.A., B.C.A.
Research Interests: Data Structure, Data Base Management System
Teaching Interests: C, C++, Operating System, Web Technology & Software Engineering


Ms. Jasmeet Kaur

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Computer Science Studies: M.C.A, M.Sc(IT)
Research Interests: Database management system and software engineering
Teaching Interests: Computer Fundamentals, Operating System, Software Engineering

Department of Humanities


Dr. Balvir Kaur

Assistant Professor (Regular)

Department of Punjabi: Ph.D, UGC-Net, M.A., B.A.-Hons,
Research Interests: Literature, Namdhari Movement
Teaching Interests: Literature And History of Punjab, Gurmat Kav Dhara


Mr. Navin Kumar

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Punjabi: Purusing Ph.D, M.A.(Punjabi)
Research Interests: Folklore, Culture and Linguistics
Teaching Interests: Punjabi Culture, Punjabi Folklore, Punjabi Linguistics, Punjabi Drama.


Mr. Kirpal Singh

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Punjabi: M.Phill, M.A(Punjabi), B.A.
Research Interests: Medival Punjabi Poetry (Gurmat Kav & Sufi Kav)
Teaching Interests: Poetry & Novels (Punjabi)


Dr. Manveer Kaur

Assistant Professor (Regular)

Department of History: Ph.D in History, M.Phill, MA(History), B.A.(Hons.)
Research Interests: Itehas
Teaching Interests: Contemporary History and Urbanizarion


Ms. Harleen Kaur

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of English: M.Ed., B.Ed., M.A. (English), Sociology, B.A.
Research Interests:English Literature
Teaching Interests:Novel, Short Stories & One Act Play


Ms. Anita Vishwakarma

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of English: M.A. (English), UGC NET, B.A.
Research Interests:Romantic Poetry
Teaching Interests:Poems, short stories and plays.


Ms. Poonam

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Sociology: Pursuing Ph.D, M.Phill, UGC-NET, M.A (Sociology), B.A. Hons. (Sociology)
Research Interests:Public Health and Sanitation
Teaching Interests:Fundamentals of Sociology, Social Stratification, Social Change, Research Methods


Ms. Rajni Dhawan

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Mathematics:M.Sc {Math(KUK)}, B.Ed (KUK), B.A.
Research Interests: Algebra
Teaching Interests: Differential, Real and complex Mathematics


Ms. Pardeep Kaur

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Psychology:M.A. Psychology, B.A. Psychology Honours
Research Interests: Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing and Mental health
Teaching Interests: Psychology and Public Administration


Ms. Pooja

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Economics:Ugc net(JRF) Education, MA economics, M.Ed
Research Interests: Issue of scarcity and Unemployment
Teaching Interests: Micro and Macro economics


Ms. Kumari Poonam Kashyap

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Department of Sociology:M.A. Sociology, M.A.Public Aministration, PGDPM
Research Interests: Society and Social Group
Teaching Interests: Sociology And Public Aministration

Department of Library


Mrs. Ramanjit Kaur

Librarian (Contractual)

Department of Library: M.A, M.Lib
Area of Interests: Library and Cultural Events


Mrs. Tejvir Kaur

Library Restorer (Contractual)

Department of Library: M.A, B.Lib
Research Interests: Library

Department of Administrative


S. Inderpal Singh

Care Taker Officer (Contractual)

Diploma in Mechanical Engg


S. Gurkirat Singh

Clerk (Contractual)

B.A. (Information Technology)


Suraj Kapoor

Accountant (Contractual)

MBA, B.Com
Research Interests: Accounting, GST Practitioner


Naveen Oberoi

Network Administrator (Contractual)

Electronics & Comm. Engg, B.Sc-IT, Certified by "O" Level, Computer Hardware & Networking Engg
Research Interests: Operating System, Office automation, Networking
Teaching Interests: Fundamentals of Computers, HTML