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Best B.Com (Commerce) College in Mohali, Punjab

A lot of students want to make a career in the field of commerce. Khalsa College (Asr.) of Technology and Business Studies is the best B.Com College in Mohali. The right college can transform a student’s life and take their career in new directions that can help them to get better job opportunities in the future.

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Best MBA College in Mohali & Chandigarh

In today’s highly competitive world who doesn’t require a master’s degree for getting better job opportunities. Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from a renowned institution will undoubtedly provide you an edge among other candidates. Many students search for the best M.B.A colleges in Mohali and Chandigarh. Khalsa College of Technology and Business Studies, Mohali is the best management college in Mohali. It is an institute of excellence.

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Manpreet Kaur | BBA (2017-2020)

“Wherever you go, just go with all your heart” Khalsa College (Asr.) of Technology and Business Studies Mohali ‘the Temple of Education’. This institution helped me to get the best out of myself. If we talk about the education system, then it's just FANTASTIC!!

Update by: Admin | 25th-June-2021


Natasha Nagpal | MBA (2017-2019)

The teaching facilities are the highest level. The campus has a range of facilities that are great for students. I have had great support in every aspect . Teachers are well qualified and quality of teaching is very good and teachers even provide mentorship quite properly if asked for it. The faculties put in a lot of efforts for the students and make sure everyone is onboard. Placements are too good. Very well known company are there for placements. Money will worth if u get admission, because there is lot of thighs you will learn while studying not only related to study but also curriculum activities , programs and management. The campus life is very good. It is full of greenery and have good environment.

Update by: Admin | 22nd-June-2021


Paramvir Singh | BA (Sem 6th)

My name is Paramvir and i am a student of BA 6th sem. In 2018 i get admission in kcm. Before i attend any class i didn't know about kcm that how it was, after as days goes i didn't realize how 3 years was completed in full enjoyment. I feel like the faculty teachers are the main reason for the sucess of kcm they always help every student and give attention to every student whether he /she is weak in studies or intelligent, they treat every student equally like they are friends of them. Kcm organize many cultural and sports events and seminar programs which are very enjoyable and helpful for students. There are two months left for my BA and from now i decided to get admission again in kcm in MBA Because of great atmosphere and education system of kcm.

Update by: Admin | 8th-June-2021


Manpreet Singh | M.Com (Sem 1st)

Khalsa College Mohali It was my great luck and fortune to be the part of KCM. The entire faculty, staff and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future. My years at KCM have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire staff members and department. It's their efforts that make me to count myself into better personality.

Update by: Admin | 28th-May-2021


Harsha | M.Sc-LT (2019-2020)

Khalsa College of Mohali is a purely educational institute which help students to build their career. The college is a blend of good infrastructure. Very neat and clean college with good administration and management system. College also have highly qualified faculty who help students to excel in every field, proud to be a student of this college.

Update by: Admin | 12th-May-2021


Simerjit Singh | B.Com (Sem 6th)

KHALSA COLLEGE MOHALI OF TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS STUDIES : Things end but sweet memories last forever. I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life. Giving shape to my brightest future, how 3 years of graduation completed never thought! Special THANK YOU gift to my professors.....thank you so much all you've done. You had to juggle so much with our class, but we appreciate how hard you worked for us ! All the teachers are very much helpful and are the absolute best teachers I ever had.....Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our HEART!! Sweet Memories never die !

Update by: Admin | 3rd-May-2021


Karanvir Singh | M.Sc-IT (Sem 4th)

The campus of Khalsa college Mohali is very heart pleasing. It has spacious classrooms, a seminar hall a big library and two well maintained and advance computer labs. The infrastructure of this college is well planned. The library here is a house for knowledge where one can find a large number of books related to every field wether its literature, social science or technology.

Update by: Admin | 30th-April-2021


Vishakha | MBA (Sem 1st)

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"
All the necessary facilities are provided by the college. All kinds of books are there in library and huge amount of space is also there for the students . Most of Faculties are very experienced and knowledgeable. Not just that, they were approachable and very helpful to clear all the doubts. Curriculum is up to date and various case studies are also provided to students.

Update by: Admin | 24th-April-2021


Sandeep Kaur | M.Com (Sem 4th)

Having been a part of this college for 5 years, I can truly say that my college life has been a beautiful blend of joy and memories. From being a shy person to becoming a confident person in myself, this college has taught me all. Not only academically, but having been a part of extracurricular activities such as quizzes and taking part in annual fests, I learned many new things. In times of need, I have always been supported and guided by my professors. I also made some amazing friends and enjoyed a lot during my college trips. My college memories will always make me happy.

Update by: Admin | 16th-April-2021


Pavneet Chahal | BBA (Sem 6th)

I am Pavneet Chahal. I have completed my B.B.A. from Khalsa college, Mohali. I feel so lucky to be a part of this prestigious institution. The teachers of this college are highly experienced and provide excellent education. They are always ready to help and support the students. I have acquired a lot of knowledge from the teachers and this experience has made me better. This college provides numerous opportunities to the students where they can show their talents by participating in various extra co-curricular activities. The college library is well stocked with different books, magazines and journals. Students can easily get relevant books from the library. The classrooms are comfortable and spacious. The computer lab is also well equipped with latest softwares. The college canteen provides delicious food items under hygienic conditions. This college provides a friendly atmosphere to the students and they can have an incredible learning experience at this place.

Update by: Admin | 5th-April-2021


Harpreet Sharma | MBA (Sem 1st)

I am a 3rd year /MBA student. I would like to thank all my teaching and non-teaching staff of my college. My college have all the necessary infrastructure, facilities and equipments. Teachers in the department are well qualified and quality of teaching is very good and teachers even provide mentorship quite properly if asked for it. College is quite supportive in the exposure of students to the companies. The fees of all the course is quite affordable and is totally worth it as the institute helps in developing the person academically, professionally as well as personally. The best campus life one could imagine and this fact has been proven that the best days to remember are college days at least to me. Immense fun at various fest, parties, trips etc and a bunch of wonderful friends who basically made the place heaven life. So, overall infrastructure is good and our faculty helps us a lot in each and every field.

Update by: Admin | 27th-March-2021


Jyoti Pandey | M.Sc-IT-LT (2019-2020)

Khalsa College, Mohali is a one of the best institution in Tricity well equipped with excellent staff and good infrastructure. The teachers are really helpful and supportive and are always present when you need them. The whole college environment is very conducive for in depth learning of students and the college also conducts various events for extra curriculum activities.

Update by: Admin | 24th-March-2021


Kiranpreet Kaur | MBA (Sem 4th)

The college has given me so much. With this college i learned to grow, i learned to stand out. The teachers here are so cooperative. Whether we have study related issues or some personal ones, the teachers are here to deal with with any of them. Teachers encourage us to participate in various competitions and activities nd i must say, all the prizes that i have earned till now from the college, the credit goes to our professors. Talking about the hygiene, the college is really clean. Wahrooms are never found dirty and Sanitizers are placed on every floor. At last i would like to thank the college staff for providing such nice facilities and encouraging us to do more.

Update by: Admin | 9th-March-2021